How to Potty Train a Lab Puppy

how to potty train a Lab puppy

Learning how to potty train a Lab puppy is an essential part of your puppy’s development. The keys to teaching your Lab puppy where to take potty breaks are proper management, appropriate supervision, regular outings, and positive reinforcement. Punishment has no place in potty training a puppy! With time and patience, you will be able … Read more

How to Train a Labrador Puppy Not to Bite

How to Train a Labrador Puppy Not to Bite

Lab puppies love to use their mouths—but they must be taught how to use their teeth gently. It’s natural to cringe when a puppy bites, but before you teach your Lab puppy not to bite, teach him that when he does bite, he should bite down gently without much pressure. This is called bite inhibition, … Read more

German Shepherd Potty Training (How to Guide)

German Shepherd Potty Training

German Shepherd Potty Training should begin at a very early age as the canine will have difficulty changing his potty behaviors in the later stages. If you don’t want your GSD to ruin your house with poop, ensure you start with a potty training schedule. Several GSD parents make the mistake of not training their … Read more

Puppy Training 101: Tips for House Training Your New Puppy (An Easy How-To Guide)

Puppy Training 101

Are you ready to start Puppy Training? Appropriate training and socialization are among your puppy’s basic needs. It is critical to begin training your dog as early as possible. At first, training your puppy can seem a bit frustrating, particularly if this is your first pooch. The truth is that puppy training is a huge … Read more

Puppy Obedience Training at Home

Puppy Obedience Training at Home

Puppy obedience training is the first step for any future training you will make with your pooch; this first step is essential. Lots of people anticipate mastering the basic come, sit, and stay commands with their puppies. However, obedience training is, in fact, just a part of the whole picture when developing a foundation for … Read more

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