Prevent Pembroke Welsh Corgis From Jumping With These Tips!

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known for their adorable looks and spunky personalities. However, one behavior that can sometimes be a challenge for Corgi owners is their tendency to jump. Whether they are trying to get your attention, show excitement, or simply exploring their surroundings, jumping can become a nuisance if not addressed properly.

Understanding why Corgis jump

  • Natural behavior: Corgis are a herding breed, known for their agility and quick movements. Jumping may come naturally to them as a way to get a better vantage point or communicate with you.
  • Attention seeking: Corgis are social creatures and may resort to jumping to seek your attention and affection.
  • Excitement: When Corgis get excited, they may express their emotions by jumping up and down. While it may be cute at first, it can become a problem if not managed effectively.

Tips for preventing Corgis from jumping

Training techniques

  1. Teaching alternative behaviors: Instead of jumping, train your Corgi to sit or stay when they want attention.
  2. Rewarding desired behavior: Praise and reward your Corgi when they exhibit calm behavior instead of jumping.
  3. Consistency in training: Be consistent in your training approach to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage jumping.

Environmental management

  • Use of baby gates or barriers: Create physical boundaries to prevent your Corgi from jumping on furniture or people.
  • Redirecting attention: Distract your Corgi with a toy or treat when they are about to jump.
  • Ignoring jumping behavior: Withdraw attention when your Corgi jumps to help them understand that jumping is not desired behavior.

Exercise and mental stimulation

  1. Regular walks and playtime: Ensure your Corgi gets enough physical exercise to release excess energy.
  2. Interactive toys and puzzles: Keep your Corgi mentally stimulated with engaging toys and games to prevent boredom-induced jumping.
  3. Mental training exercises: Teach your Corgi new tricks and commands to provide mental stimulation and reinforce positive behaviors.

Common mistakes to avoid when trying to prevent jumping

  1. Inconsistency in training: Changing your approach frequently can confuse your Corgi and hinder training progress.
  2. Punishing the dog for jumping: Negative reinforcement can lead to fear and anxiety in your Corgi, making the jumping behavior worse.
  3. Not providing enough exercise and mental stimulation: A bored and under-exercised Corgi is more likely to engage in unwanted behaviors like jumping.


By implementing the tips mentioned above and understanding the reasons behind your Corgi’s jumping behavior, you can effectively prevent Pembroke Welsh Corgis from jumping. Remember that patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are key to modifying your Corgi’s behavior. With the right training and management strategies, you can enjoy a well-behaved and happy Corgi companion without the jumping antics!

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