The Best Dog House for Australian Cattle Dogs in 2024

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Greetings fellow dog lovers! Are you an owner or planning to become one for the intelligent and energetic Australian Cattle Dogs? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we are going to explore the best dog house options tailored specifically for Australian Cattle Dogs. These amazing canines deserve a comfortable and safe retreat to call their own. Let’s dive into the world of dog houses and find the perfect fit for our furry friends!

Top Pick: Best Dog House for Australian Cattle Dogs – Our Top Pick

TRIXIE Natura Classic Dog House


What Are the Best Dog Houses for Australian Cattle Dogs?

  1. TRIXIE Natura Classic Dog House
  2. New Age Pet ECOFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House
  3. MidWest Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House
  4. Zooba 2 in 1 Elevated Large Dog House
  5. DEStar Durable Waterproof Plastic Dog House
  6. TRIXIE Log Cabin Dog House
  7. ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House
  8. Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin Large
  9. Joostee Comfortable Dog House
  10. Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House

The Top 10 Dog Houses for Australian Cattle Dogs – Reviews

1- TRIXIE Natura Classic Dog House


The Trixie Natura Flat Roof Club Dog House is a must-have for any canine owner looking to provide their furry friend with a comfortable and protected outdoor space. This house boasts a tightly sealed tongue-and-groove construction that prevents leaks and drafts from entering. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with the removable bottom flooring. The adjustable legs with plastic tipped feet not only ensure improved circulation but also provide leverage on uneven surfaces. The flat hinged roof can be propped up for added ventilation, making it perfect for any weather condition. Crafted with solid pine wood, durable composite shingles, and a weatherproof coating, this dog house is built to last. Elevate your pet’s outdoor experience with the Trixie Natura Flat Roof Club Dog House.

2- New Age Pet ECOFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House


Introducing the New Age Pet ECOFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Outdoor Dog House! Made with ECOFLEX, a durable and long-lasting wood plastic composite, this dog house is perfect for dogs weighing 120 pounds or less. With quick and easy assembly, no tools are required! The elevated floor provides flow-through ventilation, ensuring your pup stays comfortable all year round. The removable roof allows for quick cleanups, and the non-toxic material naturally resists moisture and odors. Give your furry friend a little home of their own with this eco-friendly and stylish outdoor pet shelter!

3- MidWest Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House


Introducing the Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House from Midwest Homes for Pets! No assembly or tools required – simply unfold it at your desired location. The adjustable legs ensure level placement on uneven surfaces. This durable doghouse features a raised floor for optimal air circulation and year-round protection from the elements with its waterproof design. Crafted with high-quality water-resistant stained wood, stainless-steel hardware, and an asphalt-shingled roof. Available in three sizes to accommodate different-sized dogs. Give your furry friend a cozy retreat with this fully assembled and folded doghouse. Get yours today for a happy and content Fido!

4- Zooba 2 in 1 Elevated Large Dog House


Introducing the Zooba Luxury Elevated Dog House for Large Dogs, the perfect haven for your loyal and furry companions. With its generous dimensions of L36.2”xW30.1″xH44.1”, this extra-large dog house provides ample space for large breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, and French Bulldogs. The elevated design of this dog bed offers a sense of security and prevents separation anxiety when you’re unable to spend time with your pets. They will feel embraced and surrounded, ensuring their utmost comfort and happiness. Crafted with the utmost care, the Fit Choice dog house features a waterproof Deluxe 600D PVC construction with a Textilene 2×1 bed and 1×1 window. The Textilene fabric acts as an extreme-durable solar screen, protecting your beloved dogs from sunburn, strong winds, and light rain. In addition to its practicality, the grey color of the dog house prevents it from easily getting dirty while remaining easy to clean. This ensures a hassle-free maintenance experience for you and your furry friends. A unique bedroom awaits your pet in the Zooba dog house. The medium-sized structure is built to last, with a strong steel frame and a sturdy deluxe 600D PVC material, capable of supporting weights up to 55 lbs. The scratch-resistant and breathable air mesh bottom makes it perfect for napping, sleeping, and seeking shade from the sun, wind, and rain. Setting up this delightful castle is a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions that require no tools or screws. Your puppy will be thrilled to enter their cozy castle in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the top of the dog house can be seamlessly connected to the camping medium dog house and secured with elastic ropes. This allows for easy disassembly, perfect for when your pets want to relax at a height or enjoy some sunshine from a distance. Worry-free traveling is made possible with the Zooba portable medium dog house. Your pets will always feel a sense of belonging and familiarity, no matter where you take them. The lightweight design and included travel bag make it incredibly convenient for picnics, camping trips, and outdoor activities with family and friends. Enjoy quality time with your companions, both indoors and outdoors, with this exceptional dog house.

5- DEStar Durable Waterproof Plastic Dog House


Introducing the Large & Sturdy House, the perfect home for dogs of all sizes. Before purchasing, please check the dimensions to ensure it meets your specific requirements. With an overall dimension of 32.6″(L)*29.5″(W)*33″(H) and a door dimension of 13″(W)*20″(H), this spacious dog house provides ample room for your furry friends. Crafted from sturdy and thick PP plastic, this dog house is built to last. Its anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties make it suitable for outdoor use, whether on the patio or in the backyard. Rest assured, your pet will be protected from the elements in this durable shelter. Designed with ventilation in mind, the DEStar dog house features 2 vents at the front and back. This ensures a constant circulation of fresh air, allowing your dog to breathe comfortably regardless of the weather. In the scorching summer, the double vents aid in keeping your furry friend cool, while in the chilly winter, they help maintain a warm and cozy environment. The elevated base of the dog house, standing at 2.7″ higher, provides additional benefits. Not only does it prevent dirty water from seeping inside, but it also safeguards your pet from dirt, rain, snow, frostbite, and scalding surfaces. Adding to the warmth and charm, the black base showcases lovely footprints, creating a sense of belonging for your adorable companion. The detachable and waterproof roof simplifies cleaning tasks. With its smooth surface, it effortlessly repels water, swiftly diverting it away from the dog house during heavy rain. Thanks to this feature, your furry friend will remain safe and dry, even in the harshest weather conditions. Installing the dog house is a breeze, thanks to the included accessories and clear instructions. An adult can assemble it within just 30 minutes. When it comes to cleaning the interior, simply loosen the screws and remove the detachable roof. This convenient feature allows for quick and easy access, ensuring your pet’s home stays fresh and clean. Treat your beloved pet to the Large & Sturdy House, providing comfort, durability, and protection. Upgrade their living space today!

6- TRIXIE Log Cabin Dog House


Introducing the Trixie Log Cabin Dog House – a perfect blend of durability and style for your furry friend! Designed with solid pine and composite shingles, this cabin ensures long-lasting usage. The removable internal floor allows for easy cleaning after messy accidents or muddy paws. With adjustable legs and plastic tipped feet, this cabin provides improved ventilation and stability on uneven surfaces. Its weather-resistant coating protects your pup from the elements. Let your canine companion enjoy a camping trip vibe with this cabin-inspired design. Get this dog house and make every outdoor day feel exciting!

7- ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House


Introducing the New Age Pet ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House – the paw-fect retreat for your furry friend! With no tools required for assembly and easy-to-paint material, this eco-friendly dog house is convenient and customizable. Crafted with weatherproof ecoFLEX, a recycled wood and plastic polymer, it ensures both durability and non-toxicity. Cleaning is a breeze with just a simple wipe of a damp cloth. The elevated design allows for superior air circulation, keeping your doggo cool and comfortable. Available in two popular sizes, let your pup be the bark of the town with this stylish and long-lasting dog house.

8- Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin Large


Introducing the Weather-Proof Cabin Dog House, the ultimate outdoor shelter for your furry companion. With its sealed protective coating, raised floor, and slanted asphalt roof, this dog house provides unbeatable protection from the elements, keeping your cabin comfortable and dry. Assembling in just three easy steps, this durable dog shelter is built to last, featuring solid wood and stainless-steel hardware. Designed to accommodate large dog breeds, it measures 45.5″ x 26.5″ x 32.8″. But our product range doesn’t stop here! At Precision Pet, we understand the importance of crate and kennel training for dog safety and comfort. That’s why we offer a wide selection of kennels and houses, including travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses, and more! With our heavy-duty products, like wire crates and chicken coops, you can provide your pets with a cozy and safe place to rest, nest, and feed. We are proud to serve all pets, not just dogs. Petmate, our parent company, supplies a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and other small furry friends. Explore our trusted brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, and Jackson Galaxy to find the perfect accessories for your beloved pets. Choose the Weather-Proof Cabin Dog House and enjoy unparalleled protection, comfort, and durability for your four-legged friend.

9- Joostee Comfortable Dog House


Introducing our Size & Fits Pet House, specifically designed for large dogs weighing less than 60 lbs. With dimensions of 30.8L x 24W x 25H inches, this spacious house ensures a comfortable living space for your furry friend. The door measures 13.8W x 15.8H inches, allowing easy access. Crafted with utmost luxury in mind, the interior of the pet house is made of soft and cozy Luxurious Flannel. Your pet will enjoy lounging on the supportive pillow filled with PP cotton. The double-sided design ensures comfort in all seasons. Durability is of utmost importance, which is why our pet house is constructed with Special Sponge, ensuring a sturdy and anti-collapse structure. The outer surface is made of High Density Oxford Cloth, not only making it easy to clean but also surprisingly durable, guaranteeing long-lasting use. In addition to its functionality, the pet house is designed with color matching and printing styles that effortlessly blend with any home decor. It not only serves as a cozy retreat for your pet but also adds a decorative touch to your living space. Rest assured, this pet house is designed to meet your expectations. Providing a sense of security is paramount, and our pet house offers a secret space for your furry friends to retreat to. This ensures they feel safe and cozy. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated Jiupety team is always ready to assist you. Choose our pet house for the ultimate comfort and security for your beloved pet.

10- Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House


Introducing the Durable All Weather Outdoor Dog House from Aspen Pet! This dog house is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your furry friends. Made with all plastic construction and featuring a rear air ventilation system, this dog house not only keeps fleas at bay but also ensures long-lasting durability. It is also suitable for outdoor cats and strays. Measuring at a spacious 238 X 29 X 30 inches, this dog house is perfect for pets weighing between 50 to 90 pounds. The extended roof guard rim and raised interior floor work together to keep your pets dry even in harsh weather conditions. Assembling this pet home is a breeze with quick snap latches – no tools required! Whether you are crate training or need a comfortable shelter for your dog, we have you covered. Our range of kennels and houses includes traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn style dog houses, and more. At Aspen Pet, we understand the needs of pet parents and strive to provide daily essentials for dogs, cats, and more. From leash cable tie outs to litter box accessories, pet toys, gravity water/food bowls, pet beds, and dog shelters – we have everything to make your pet’s life comfortable. Petmate, our parent brand, offers a wide variety of pet products for all your furry friends. Explore our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm and Hammer, Boada, Chuck it!, and more. Choose Petmate for quality, reliability, and products designed with your pet in mind. Shop now for the best for your pets!

Why Choose a Specialized Dog House for Australian Cattle Dogs?

Australian Cattle Dogs are known for their exceptional work ethic, agility, and loyalty. These pups are highly energetic and require regular exercise. Providing them with a suitable dog house is crucial to ensure their well-being, especially during extreme weather conditions.

But why choose a specialized dog house for Australian Cattle Dogs? Let’s explore:

  • Australian Cattle Dogs have a double coat that provides insulation against both heat and cold. A well-designed dog house can enhance this insulation, keeping them comfortable throughout the year.
  • These dogs are intelligent and need mental stimulation. A dog house designed with interactive features can help keep them stimulated, preventing boredom and destructive behavior.
  • As loyal protectors of their owners and property, Australian Cattle Dogs require a secure dog house with sturdy construction and reliable locks.
  • Proper ventilation is essential to prevent overheating, especially during hot summers. A specialized dog house can ensure adequate airflow and temperature regulation.

The Top Dog House Recommendations for Australian Cattle Dogs

1. The Cozy Retreat

Our first recommendation is “The Cozy Retreat.” This dog house combines comfort and durability, making it a perfect choice for your Australian Cattle Dog. With a spacious interior and padded flooring, your furry friend can relax in style. The durable weatherproof construction ensures protection from wind, rain, and UV rays. The Cozy Retreat has an easy-access door and removable roof for effortless cleaning. Your Australian Cattle Dog will have a luxurious retreat all year round!

2. The Adventure Haven

For the adventurous Australian Cattle Dogs, “The Adventure Haven” is just what they need! This innovative dog house features an attached play area complete with tunnels, ramps, and agility obstacles. Not only will your dog have a comfortable shelter, but they’ll also have endless opportunities for fun and exercise. Constructed with sturdy materials and secure locks, The Adventure Haven offers both safety and excitement for your energetic companion.

3. The Eco-Friendly Oasis

If you’re passionate about sustainability, “The Eco-Friendly Oasis” is the ideal dog house for your Australian Cattle Dog. This eco-conscious option is made from recycled materials and provides ultimate comfort. The innovative design includes a living roof with lush vegetation, creating a natural cooling effect during the scorching summer months. The Eco-Friendly Oasis is not only a safe and cozy retreat but also a testament to your commitment to the environment.

Maintaining Your Australian Cattle Dog’s Dog House

To ensure the longevity of your chosen dog house and the happiness of your Australian Cattle Dog, proper maintenance is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly clean the dog house, removing any dirt, debris, or feces.
  • Inspect the dog house for any signs of wear and tear. Replace or repair any damaged parts promptly.
  • Provide fresh bedding and ensure it is changed regularly.
  • Keep the area around the dog house clean and free from potential hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can Australian Cattle Dogs live outside?

    A: While Australian Cattle Dogs can tolerate outdoor conditions, they thrive on human companionship and are more content when living indoors with their owners. However, a comfortable and well-equipped dog house can provide a safe outdoor retreat for them.

  2. Q: How often should I clean my Australian Cattle Dog’s dog house?

    A: Cleaning the dog house once a week is generally recommended. However, the frequency may vary based on your dog’s habits and the environment.

  3. Q: Are Australian Cattle Dogs prone to overheating?

    A: Australian Cattle Dogs have a high tolerance for heat, thanks to their double coats. However, it’s essential to provide shade, fresh water, and a well-ventilated dog house during hot weather to prevent overheating.


Congratulations on taking the first step towards finding the best dog house for your Australian Cattle Dog! Remember, their comfort and safety are of utmost importance. Consider their unique needs, such as insulation, security, and ventilation, when making your choice. Whether you opt for “The Cozy Retreat,” “The Adventure Haven,” or “The Eco-Friendly Oasis,” your Australian Cattle Dog will undoubtedly appreciate their brand new home. Enjoy the journey together, and may your furry friend find joy, comfort, and endless adventures in their new abode!

Thank you for reading!

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