How to Stop Golden Retriever from Jumping

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Jumping is a common behavior for Golden Retrievers. They often do it when they’re excited, such as when their human comes home from work or sees someone they know. While jumping can be cute, it can be a nuisance and even dangerous. This post will share tips on stopping your Golden Retriever from jumping.

Understand why Golden Retrievers jump

The first step to stopping your Golden Retriever from jumping is understanding why they’re doing it. As we mentioned, excitement is often the trigger. But there could be other reasons too, such as:

  • Seeking attention – If your dog isn’t getting enough attention, it may jump up in an attempt to get your attention.
  • Boredom – If your dog is bored, it may jump up as a way to release energy and pent-up frustration.
  • Fear – In some cases, dogs may jump out of fear or insecurity; This is more common in rescue dogs who may have had a bad experience in the past.

Now that you know why your Golden Retriever is jumping, you can start to work on correcting the behavior.

Tips for stopping your Golden Retriever from jumping

Start with basic obedience training

If your Golden Retriever is jumping, you should start with basic obedience training; This will teach your dog to listen to commands and follow your lead. It’s also great to bond with your dog and builds their trust in you.

You can do obedience training at home or with a professional trainer. Many resources are available online and in pet stores, if you’re doing it at home.

Be consistent with your commands and rewards, and remain patient while your dog learns the basics. Once your Golden Retriever understands obedience well, you can start working on specific behaviors, such as jumping.

Get plenty of exercises

A tired dog is a good dog. If your Golden Retriever has too much energy, they’re more likely to jump up. To tire them out, make sure they get plenty of exercises.

You should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, but more is better. An excellent way to get your dog the training they need is to sign up for a dog sport or activity, such as agility, flyball, or dock diving.

Use positive reinforcement

When training your Golden Retriever, it’s essential to use positive reinforcement; This means rewarding your dog when they do something you want them to do. For example, if your dog sits patiently while you put on your coat, give them a treat or praise.

On the other hand, if your dog jumps up when you come home from work, ignore them; This may seem to mean that, but dogs are highly motivated by attention – even negative attention. Ignoring your dog when they jump up shows them that this behavior is not rewarding.

Be consistent

Consistency is critical when training your Golden Retriever. If you want your dog to stop jumping up, everyone in the household needs to be on board; This means everyone should follow the same rules and use the same commands. Otherwise, your dog will get confused, and the training will take longer.

Be patient

Training takes time and patience. Don’t expect your Golden Retriever to stop jumping up overnight. It may take weeks or even months of consistent training before you see results. But if you’re patient and consistent, eventually, your dog will learn the behavior you want them to.

Seek help from a professional if needed

If you’re having trouble training your Golden Retriever, seek help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can assess your dog’s needs and create a tailored training plan.

How to Stop Golden Retriever from Jumping – FAQs

How do I stop my Golden Retriever from jumping on me?

The best way to stop your Golden Retriever from jumping is to ignore them. Dogs are highly motivated by attention, even if it’s negative attention. So, when your dog jumps up, turn your back and don’t give them any attention.

How do I stop my Golden Retriever from jumping on guests?

If your Golden Retriever jumps on guests, the best thing to do is teach them a “sit” or “down” command. Then, when someone comes to your door, have them wait in a sit or down position until you give them the okay.

How do I stop my Golden Retriever from jumping on other dogs?

If your Golden Retriever is jumping on other dogs, you should start by teaching them a “leave it” command; This will lead them to ignore other dogs and focus on you. You can also try using a dog muzzle or leash to control their jumping.

What is the best way to train a Golden Retriever?

The best way to train a Golden Retriever is with positive reinforcement, rewarding your dog when they do something you want them to do.


So there you have it, our top tips for how to stop your Golden Retriever from jumping. If you put in the time and effort to train your dog not to jump now, you’ll be happier and more comfortable when guests come over or during other social situations. We hope you found this post helpful – please share it with your friends who also have a Golden Retriever, and leave us a comment below letting us know how these techniques worked for you!

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