5 Best Silent Dog Whistles (Reviews & Top Pick) in 2024

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Picking the best silent dog whistles for your canine is crucial to helping with regular training. Like with people, no two dogs are precisely alike, making it somewhat challenging to pick the appropriate whistle to train with.

Indeed, your pooch level is trained to, and the rate at which they make progress will depend upon your canine’s capacity and the amount of time you invest in the training; however, picking the right tools will provide you both an excellent start.

There are plenty of points that will help you select the ideal whistle the first time, including the kind of work being done and the characteristics of the whistle.

Best Silent Dog Whistle – Our Top Pick

Ortz Silent Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

What are the Best Silent Dog Whistles?

  1. Ortz Silent Dog Whistle to Stop Barking
  2. Acme Silent Dog Whistle Silver, adjustable
  3. Forepets Professional Dog Whistle
  4. Mighty Paw Training Whistle for Dogs
  5. SmartPet Silent Dog Whistle

What is a dog whistle?

Dog whistles are a traditional type of interaction between parents and dogs. Some rural regions of Europe still have people who practice a language of combined whistle commands to direct their dogs to complete a series of complex herding maneuvers.

In modern regions, dog whistles are either ordinary boat whistles or specialized whistles with a sound too high for humans to hear yet low enough for a pet to hear with ease. They’re used to give commands for standard commands or specialized training, such as hunting.

Frequency of a Dog Whistle

Similar to any musical instrument, a silent dog whistle must have the perfect frequency to work successfully.

This is specifically true since smaller dogs tend to respond to higher frequencies than bigger dogs.

The generally stated range of human hearing is 20 to 20,000 Hz. However, your pooch can hear pitches between 67-45,000 Hz.

So, if you pick a whistle that makes a pitch above 20,000 Hz, you won’t be able to hear it, and your neighbors won’t either.

Some silent dog whistles enable you to adjust the frequency to see which pitch works best with your dog.

Also, regular and long training sessions imply more prolonged exposure to loud noises to your ears, which could bring discomfort to some. In that case, you can choose the silent dog whistles.

Choosing the best silent dog whistle for training

There are a few points to consider when buying a canine whistle for use in recall and training.

Acoustic Consistency

Some whistles have adaptable frequencies, so you can train your puppy to respond to different sounds accordingly. This type of acoustic consistency may be excellent for herding or hunting where you require multiple various commands.

On the other hand, if you intend to train your dog some basic commands, you could choose a single-pitch whistle, so you don’t have to fret about selecting a frequency.


With great hearing, a dog can hear a whistle as much as 400 yards away. Older dogs or canines with poor hearing might not be able to hear that far away.

If training your dog for search, rescue, herding, and hunting, or another activity that makes the pet far away from you, the longer-range is more useful. Basic commands do not need such an excellent range of volume.


Your goal for using a dog whistle must be basic commands, such as two short tweets to stay or one long tweet to come. Your plan can also be advanced training like hunting.

In this case, you can train your canine that one tweet indicates to turn right, and two tweets mean turn left.

Ease of Cleaning

All whistles are relatively easy to clean. Soak the whistle in a mixture of baking soda and lukewarm water.

Adjustable Frequencies

Like I said earlier, adjustable frequencies are excellent for advanced training techniques. The more frequencies you use, the added commands you can train.

5 Best Silent Dog Whistles – Reviews

Ortz Silent Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

The Ortz 45 NC is the best silent dog whistle on the list. It has all the required features, like an added lanyard and adjustable frequencies. It does have guidelines so you can learn the ropes in training. They’re simple and basic.

Some dog parents claim that they can still ‘hear’ the pitch created by the tool. Fortunately, there are a majority of people who can attest to Ortz’s effectiveness.

If you face the problem of your pet remaining unresponsive, Ortz offers refunds, replacements, and returns. So, if you observe that the pitch is a bit louder for your liking, you can make it right.


  • replacements, returns, and Refunds accepted
  • Lanyard included


  • All canines may not respond
  • Screechy sound

Acme Silent Dog Whistle Silver, adjustable

The Acme Silent Dog Whistle comes across as one of the best silent dog whistles currently on the market; This is a magnificent tool designed for use on dogs to capture their attention no matter how engrossed they are in their activity or where they are. It is a dog whistle design made with support from dog lovers and expert dog trainers.

This whistle’s pitch is almost inaudible to humans yet can come with an adjustable frequency feature that allows dog parents to tune the pitch to suit their canine. The tool’s versatility is what helps it stand out from its competitors when there is any comparison.

The Acme silent dog whistle is created with durable brass and attributes robust construction that guarantees your model’s durability and quality for years to come. the whistle’s sound carries until 400 yards; therefore, you’re ensured of your pet hearing your call, regardless of where he is.


  • Sturdy, solid construction. This tool feels indestructible!
  • The sound carries very far with this unit.
  • Very smooth design.


  • It’s not completely quiet.

Forepets Professional Dog Whistle

The forePets Professional Dog Whistle is an adjustable silent dog whistle that enables you to vary the whistle’s frequency to suit your dog’s preference. Different canines respond to different frequencies. Many parents purchase a whistle to find that it doesn’t work for their canine and are put off trying new dog whistles.

The forePets dog whistle not just reduces the risk of the whistle not working for your pet; however it is also the best silent dog whistle to stop barking for the money thanks to its low cost. It also includes a lanyard, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.


  • Adjustable frequency to personalize the training to your dog.
  • The plastic cover over the whistle protects it from damage and dirt.
  • Enjoyable lanyard included.


  • It’s not completely quiet.

Mighty Paw Training Whistle for Dogs

The Mighty Paw Training Whistle is a quiet dog whistle with a neck lanyard and a retractable belt attachment. Being capable of attaching the whistle to yourself in various manners offers you the flexibility and liberty to use your hands while training to give praise or treats.

The Mighty Paw Training whistle serves for both recall and obedience training. The whistle removes the difficulty of yelling commands at your canine when he’s far away from you.

You can use this tool to train your dog to stop barking. You can additionally use it to train your dog to recall when he’s off-leash. It’s a versatile training tool. Remember to teach your canine individually, so he learns what the whistle means. Just blowing on the whistle won’t inform him anything.


  • Weatherproof
  • Beautiful lanyard and retractable attachment


  • Not all canines seem to respond

SmartPet Silent Dog Whistle

This SmartPet Dog Whistle set is an outstanding deal, especially if you are interested in extending training. It includes a clicker so you can train your pooch in various ways.

The whistle comes with a lanyard attached so you can avoid loss. The clicker also has a scrunched plastic so that you can maintain that with your hands for use. In order, you can train your dog to stop barking and basic commands such as lay down, sit, and stay.

 It includes a set of training guidelines to start the training. SmartPet provides a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee; This is an attractive factor in the purchase.


  • The whistle comes with a clicker.
  • Satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime warranty.
  • Training guidelines.


  • Not completely quiet

Why should you use a silent dog whistle for training?

While there is an ongoing debate over canine whistles, the advantages seem to outweigh the possible disadvantages considerably.


Whistles enable you to communicate with your pooch from a much greater distance than your voice can travel.


You can personalize your commands so you and your canine have a different language that no one can interfere with.


Specialized training isn’t required to use a whistle, either. You may use any whistle for basic commands.

You may also include whistle sounds with hand signals to make more customized and complex commands.

Training Tips Using Dog Whistle

Training dogs is one of the areas where silent dog whistles are regularly used. And if you are in the process of starting training for your puppy using one of these tools, you might find these training tips to be particularly helpful.

– Teach your dog to associate the sound of the whistle with something great.

Anything that has something to do with dog training always begins with building an association of the whistle to something significant or pleasant for the dog.

This means that you will need to introduce the whistle’s sound to your dog when he is very happy or feeling great; This is to make your pooch link that the sound of the whistle is what brings great happiness.

– Always begin early and in the house.

As I have said over, it is essential to begin acclimatizing your dog to the whistle’s pitch and to time it well. Once more, I have to stress the importance of connecting the sound to something truly enjoyable. 

Nonetheless, caution must be observed not to overuse it. Canines are intelligent pets; you understand this by now. If you use the whistle every so often, your dog may learn that the sound is nothing more than a result of your blowing right into a tool.

– Try it in your yard.

Before you try the whistle in public, you may require to run a few sessions in the convenience of your yard. Blow into the tool when your dog’s attention is not on you. 

If your first efforts are correct, your canine’s response will stop what he’s doing and turn his attention to you. 

Call him to come to you and make sure to praise your dog once he does it perfectly. By doing this, he learns that the sound will ultimately lead to a reward.

– Try it out in a restricted, public area.

When you’re sure about your dog’s capabilities, you can try his skills in the open. It is most helpful to do it in a confined place initially, such as a dog park.

– Use sparingly, particularly in the initial phases of training.

Resist the temptation of blowing the whistle very often, particularly if you’re still in the first phases of your pup’s training. 

The plan is to condition your dog’s behavior first to accept the sound as something pleasant.

Silent dog whistles play an essential role in training our dogs, correcting their behavior, and stopping them from doing the unwanted behavior.

Picking the ideal silent dog whistle includes looking at their range, durable construction, acoustic consistency, simplicity of cleaning, and adjustability.

Learning how to use these tools, specifically in training your pooch correctly, is equally essential. Keep in mind; these are just gadgets that can never actually replace hands-on, customized training of our dogs.

Best Silent Dog Whistles FAQ:

Do silent dog whistles make dogs stop barking?


In most circumstances, a dog hears that strange piercing sound, and it makes them bark more. Their territorial instincts may kick in, and they let off some alert barks to the creature is making that sound.

Rarely, a canine will understand that the awkward sound happened when he barked, and he will stop barking.

How far away can a dog hear a dog whistle?

Although every scenario is different, it’s expected that a puppy will be able to hear a whistle from at least 200 feet away. That can be depending on the whistle, the terrain, and your pet’s hearing.

What not to do with a silent dog whistle?

  • Don’t blow the whistle– no matter type– right beside his ear. That will damage his hearing.
  • Don’t use a whistle for commands and correction. It will confuse your canine.
  • A silent dog whistle won’t always stop your neighbor’s canine from barking at 5 a.m. Don’t put all your energy into making him quiet with a whistle.

Final Verdict               

Our clear winner is the Ortz Silent Dog Whistle. Not only can it work as a high-quality silent dog whistle, but you can use it as an emergency whistle if you’re out with your dog and tragedy occurs.

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