Best Dog Shedding Brush: Sleekez vs Furminator | Deshedding Tools (Comparison Guide of 2022)

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Picking an excellent brush to groom your pooch is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot of great and a lot of not so great brushes around.

Sleekez and Furminator are two brushes that are preferred choices for dog parents. In this article (Sleekez vs Furminator), I’ll mention some considerations and details on each.

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Quick look: SleekEZ vs Furminator

SleekEZ Deshedding Brush

SleekEZ reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents



Furminator Deshedding Brush

Furminator reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


What is a Deshedding Brush?

A de-shedding brush is similar to your regular comb with bristles or rake Design, which assists with the process of de-shedding.

Currently, dogs shed plenty of furs. They do lose a lot, some dogs will have a high shedding rate, while some might have medium or low. It’s a natural point, so you need not worry.

The thing to worry about is the cleansing work. Pooches will continue shedding fur on your car seats, sofa, and all over the rooms. One simple, reliable way is to manage the shedding by using the Best Deshedding Tool or Dog Shedding Brush.

Also, nothing can eliminate 100% of the loose fur out. However, the brushes I reviewed below claim to give an average of 90% of your dog’s shedding fur removal.

Why Use A Dog Shedding Brush?

  1. Eliminating excess fur aids, dogs stay cooler throughout the warmer months
  2. They maintain your clothes and your rooms hair free
  3. A dog shedding brush can reduce lots of time spent on grooming
  4. It keeps a dog’s coat looking beautiful

How Do They Work?

Dog Combs work in the same way as the human Brushes do. But their functions are different. Regular combs are utilized for grooming or detangling, whereas the best dog brush functions for de-shedding purposes mainly.

The bristles are made in a manner that would not just take out the shedding fur but also the danders.

The bristles move across the coat, leaving the delicate, top skin of the dog. By doing this, only the weak ends/loose hair is eliminated out.

The elimination of the excess fur keeps the pooch coats cooler throughout the summers. It maintains your house also home fur-free! Along with that, you can escape through the cleansing procedure and save up lots of time.


Best Deshedding Tools

SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool Review

Shedding is a natural way for dogs to enable new fur to grow.

Regrettably, there are circumstances when the shedding is higher than what can be considered regular.

Therefore we must help our dogs shed these excess furs to aid them in growing their newer and healthier hairs a lot quicker. Among the tools you might use is the SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool.

The SleekEZ Brush is an excellent tool for removing excessive loose fur from your dog’s coat. It is created of high-quality poplar wood as the base of the SleekEZ.

The teeth of the SleekEZ comb is a thin strip of top-carbon steel that has been designed to follow a wave-like, also saw-like, pattern, offering shallower grooves that will assist reduce if not eliminate contact between the brush and the pooch’s skin.

The same design permits the easier elimination of loose fur without snagging the hair and harming the pet’s coat. The poplar wood comes with a non-toxic coating to make it more secure for anyone to use.

The general design of the poplar woodblock is curved at the sides to permit the natural consistency to the curves of the hand as it holds the SleekEZ.

The SleekEZ brush is best suggested in the control of excessive shedding in dogs that have medium to short length furs, although it is very feasible for thick and long-coated canines to take advantage of it too.


SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (5 inches)

This 5-inch SleekEz is the medium size, which is generally about the appropriate size for the majority of pets except very small or toy breeds.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (2.5 inches)

This small SleekEz is appropriated for small to medium canines or for managing some areas on bigger dogs that are hard to reach using a large brush.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool (10 inches)

This 10-inch SleekEz is usually used for horses, but if you have a large breed, then it deserves consideration. I still assume you will require one of the smaller brushes to control some areas and get the most out of your brushing time together.


SleekEZ reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


FURminator DeShedding Brush Review

As FURminator marketing announces, the FURminator is for people who enjoy their dogs but don’t like the shedding.

Their tool has a legion of dedicated users, which number specialist pet groomers among them.

The concept is to brush the dog regularly, either a FURminator and eliminate the requirement to roller the cushions.

FURminator suggests a minimum of a weekly groom for short-hair breeds, and more often for longer furs or those susceptible to shedding.

The FURminator contains unique teeth that project a short space from a cutting blade.

Just draw the head over the canine’s coat, yet without applying pressure.

This rakes through the undercoat yet without cutting the skin or harming the topcoat.

Then when you’re done cleaning, the brush has a button to press, which withdraws the head and makes for simple removal of the shed fur from the tool.

FURminator is available in a range of designs to suit various species, coat types, and sizes.

For instance, there are ten dog FURminators, which divides into five different sizes (from large dog to toy) duplicated for longs and short fur.

Then there are FURminators for horses, cats, and small pets.

Altogether on the initial examination, the selection is bewildering.

This is an exceptional quality product, and also this is reflected in the price.

Even if not the cheapest de-shedder on the market, it does feature a guarantee of quality and superb customer service to sustain their brand reputation.

Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Long Hair

This Furminator is created for long-coated dogs that weigh 51-90 lbs.

Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large, Short Hair

This is the short-coated version of the Furminator for big dogs 51-90 lbs.

Furminator Short Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs, Extra Small

This is the extra little Furminator for short-coated dogs. I can see having one of these for brushing big dogs as well because some pooches have areas that are skinny coated than others, and the bigger brushes may also be awkward in some areas of your canine.


Furminator reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


The Difference in SleekEZ vs FURminator

Both of these brushes are high in quality, and you can see both were designed with precision and care.

I can say both do a great work of conveniently eliminating any loose coat and dander from your pet’s undercoat.

Also, after the use of each product, the amount of shedding lowered considerably after just one use. What I also like is how both finish the work without damaging my dog’s coat or skin.

However, even though these are both user-friendly grooming tools, there are some differences to consider to help you make an informed choice on which one to purchase.


Both brushes are decently priced, yet worth the value you obtain in return. SleekEZ typically comes with a lower price point from the Furminator.


Generally, both are unbelievably durable, and buyers appeared very satisfied with the sustainability of each brush. Nonetheless, one issue I have about the incomplete wooden grip is how it will do when exposed to water. I fret that the wood grip will decay or warp after exposure to water.

Few buyers have seen issues with the FURminator too. In contrast to the SleekEZ, the FURminator has more components to it, and customers have mentioned that parts tend to break or come loose. As an example, the plastic blade cover has been known to come loose after a couple uses.


Both attribute high-quality blades that do an exceptional work of shedding. But there is a distinction in the design of the two products. The SleekEZ is basic in design, including a popular wood grip that is connected to the metal blade.

Nonetheless, as a result of its unfinished nature, I did discover the edge of the grip snag on clothing and also gave me a splinter or more. However, I was able to fix that by rubbing it with sandpaper to soften the sides.

The design of the FURminator is a bit more complicated than the SleekEZ, having a couple more functions. First, the softness of the grip of the brush makes it comfier to hold.

Likewise, the included feature of the skin/edge guard makes this brush more secure to use. But the feature I love about the FURminator is the FURejector that permits me to manage where the collected fur goes, whereas, with the SleekEZ, hair goes everywhere.


Which one is Better?

The reality is that these are both excellent tools. Claiming one is better than the other is rather hard when you consider that all canines are different. Some dog parents might not like the design of the Sleekez and choose the ergonomic designed Furminator that is very easy to clean.

I have to say that both of these products are very cost-effective, so you might just want to pick both and see how it goes. You can offer the other to another dog parent if it is not the ideal one for you.

If your pooch has sensitive skin or you have several dogs with different styles of furs, then I would recommend you to get the SleekEZ since it is created for coats of various thicknesses and lengths.


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