Top 5 Best Doormat for Dogs (Review) in 2022

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Are you tired of cleaning muddy paw prints? An absorbing doormat can be the solution! While even the useful doormat for canines can’t replace a proper clean, they are excellent for eliminating dust and water from your dog’s paws.

Here’s my list of the top 5 Best Doormat for Dogs on the marketplace.

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Best Doormat for Dogs – Our Top Pick

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

What is the Best Doormat for Dogs?

1- Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

2- My Doggy Place Microfiber Absorbent Dog Doormat

3- Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat

4- iPrimio Microfiber Waterproof Dog Doormat

5- Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat

Benefits of Using Doormat for Dogs

As much as we love puppies, they tend to accidentally trash everywhere with their small dirty paws. Doormats can aid us by removing up all the dirt by themselves from dogs whenever they leave or enter the house. Also, it takes in all the undesirable particles from the shoes of your member of the family, maintaining your home floor shiny.

It additionally aids the floor to last a much time by maintaining it safe from any possible impurities. Finally, these doormats are available in many designs and colors, increasing the style of your residence.

5 Best Doormat for Dogs – Reviews

1- Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

This highly absorbent doormat from Dog Gone Smart is our top pick on the marketplace. It’s offered in four sizes, including a runner size. If you want to have numerous color options to select from, this mat had some of the most options available. Because it’s microfiber, not only is it extremely absorbent, but it dries super rapidly.

I enjoyed this doormat’s absorption, yet that came with one disadvantage. If one of your canines pees on this mat, you might never get the odor out completely.

It has a nano-coating that’s meant to avoid liquid, oil, and dirt from sticking to the doormat. While it worked for those things, it didn’t seem to function for urine.

Nevertheless, it can be machine washed, which makes for simple cleaning. Eventually, I think it’s the ideal combination of price, durability, and absorbency, which is why it has made our top pick.

Dog Gone Smart reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


  • Available in 4 colors and three sizes
  • Non-skid backing
  • Made of high-quality microfiber that dries rapidly


  • Some dog parents like the original backing over the new rubber backing


2- My Doggy Place Microfiber Absorbent Dog Doormat

Bring cleanliness and convenience for your precious dog with this mat made from chenille. Its large variation measures at 36 x 26 inches, though it is likewise offered in two other sizes: medium at 31 x 20 inches and extra-large at 5 x 3 feet. You can also find more range with the five vibrant colors it comes in: red, charcoal, brown, oatmeal, and navy blue.

Every one of them gives the same texture with long microfibers for capturing in moisture and dirt efficiently. Its GSM absorption rate is five times more than regular mats. Furthermore, this rug dries up as quickly as it soaks in water. The No-Slip rubber support gives the needed grip, and the dual stitching ensures higher durability. If it gets filthy, you can clean it in the machine.

My Doggy Place reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


  • Available in 5 colors and three sizes
  • Made of durably-stitched Chenille microfiber that dries rapidly


  • More than one reviewer affirmed their mat unraveled after a few of washing
  • Some buyers said that this best dog doormat has a strong chemical odor when first taken from the packaging


3- Soggy Doggy Doormat Dirty Dog Doormat

The Soggy Dog Doormat is offered in just two sizes, extra-large and large. Nonetheless, you get eight various colors to select from, which may interest some people. This doormat is exceptionally thick and takes in a lot of dirt and water, exactly what we want to see from our dog doormats.

Initially, the no-slip support appeared adequate. After a few times through the washing machine, it had almost vanished, and our rug had come to be a sliding mess. If the support were more stuck around and durable through several wash cycles, then this product from Soggy Doggy Doormat would likely have gained a much higher placement on our list.

Soggy Doggy Doormat reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


  • Constructed from Chenille microfiber
  • Soaks up seven times its weight in water
  • Odor-free
  • Has antibacterial features


  • Not furnished with a waterproof liner, so you’ll need to utilize a rubber or plastic sheet to avoid leaks
  • This rug is excellent for little and medium breeds, yet not large enough for bigger breeds


4- iPrimio Microfiber Waterproof Dog Doormat

The economical price of the iPrimio microfiber dog doormat will probably catch your attention first. Next, you’ll likely see the disappointing color offerings. You get one size that’s offered in two colors, very few options. That would be excusable if this doormat were an excellent performer.

It contains a waterproof liner, something we didn’t see with any other doormats; This might be a fantastic addition if you’re seeking to put this mat on a timber flooring and want some additional protection for the floor below.

The non-slip on this doormat was a joke and never held it in position. After cleaning the doormat in the washing machine, the microfiber top lost all of its soft feels and became extremely rugged and scratchy instead. I wasn’t impressed by this dog mat and assume your money would undoubtedly be better invested in our value choice from SPOT instead.


  • Furnished with a waterproof liner to stop leaks
  • Constructed from dense and thick microfiber
  • Non-skid backing
  • Quick-drying
  • Machine cleanable


  • Some customers note that this best dog doormat is cut amusing and does not lie squarely on the flooring.


5- Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat

Amongst the dog mats made of chenille, this is one of the best and largest. It offers protection for a massive location of 60 x 30 inches allowing your canine more space to get rid of its dirt. If you want smaller sizes, they are also offered in 40 x 24 inches as well as 35 x 25 inches sizes. You can pick in between the brow, tan, and gray shades, which can hide all the collected dirt bits very well.

Its soft, comfy top surface has top-quality microfiber, which soaks up a large quantity of water and also dries up quicker than the average doormat. The bristles catch in the muddy residue from your dog’s paws, maintaining the surrounding clean. Beyond, the bottom remains in placement with the non-skid texture.

Internet’s Best reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents


  • Extremely durable
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Comfortable for pets to rest on
  • Maker wash and dry


  • Restricted color and size choice
  • Pricy


What to Consider When Buying for a Dog Doormat


A lot of dog-specific mats are made from microfiber material, which is excellent for dirt. These doormats are frequently machine washable, which essential for most active pets. Microfiber is also soft on your canine’s paws.

There are two disadvantages to this material, though. The initial is that the weave might be too high for your door’s clearance. And the other is that the microfiber products aren’t as durable over long periods.

Yet if your pet plays in snow or mud, these are the most absorptive material on the marketplace. It will take care of puddles. You can also get one for under your canine’s water bowl.

Various other materials are much less typical for dog doormats, yet can offer multiple purposes. Cotton rugs are simple to clean and are commonly machine cleanable. There are also fibers like jute and coconut; these can be excellent for sand or hard dirt.

Cleaning and drying capabilities

The primary purpose of choosing a dog doormat is to clean away dirt, moisture, sand, or mud from the dog’s paws efficiently. So indeed, you require a pet doormat that has excellent cleansing wicking capacities to absorb dirt and moisture.

Generally terms, a dog doormat has to be capable of wicking 0.25– 0.50 cups of moisture, so you would require a doormat that can take in a minimum of 5x times its weight. And it needs to be capable of capturing the mud and grime off the paws of the pet. Dog doormat with 2000+ GSM usually gives a superb size-to-absorption ratio, so look out for such mats except you are hard-pressed on the budget.

Of the choices I provided, our top pick– Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat and My Doggy Place Microfiber Absorbent Dog Doormat— have the best cleansing and wicking capacities and therefore are our favorites.

Check the drying and cleaning capacities of the mat before choosing the best dog doormat for your demands. You can generally get these details from the reviews, specs, or Q&A section of the product.


I’m always seeking to have practical, top-quality dog products in my house that still make my house look great. Fortunately, there are lots of choices on the market that are appealing and will also fit your design, so you don’t need to compromise.


Make sure you gauge the area where you intend to place your doormat to make sure it fits. Additionally, you will likely want to measure your door’s clearance to make sure that the rug you pick isn’t too thick. You don’t desire it to catch when you open the door.

You’ll desire a doormat large enough to cover about 80% of the door’s size to make sure your dog’s paws land on it and not the around area. I also recommend you lay your dog doormat long-ways to obtain extra steps and mud off your dog’s paws.

If you have a multi-dog house, I suggest getting a runner for your entryway to make sure all the dogs obtain plenty of surface area when they come in.

Price and Maintenance

The best doormat for dogs would cost you an amount between 1/4 of a hundred dollars and 1/2 of a hundred buck in most cases. If it goes across fifty percent of a hundred dollars, then look for what specialized it costs so. If it made with high quality, it would be simple to maintain. So, check the buyer reviews if they find it very easy to wash, maintain, and dry.


How to train your dog to use dog doormats

Training your puppy to utilize the doormat to clean its paws is a beneficial and exciting trick. If you would love to train your dog to use the mat like a professional, then look into this article on the subject or watch the video:



A top quality absorbent doormats are an essential addition to any type of residence with a dog. They are particularly crucial if your canine can go outdoors via a pet door, as you won’t always be around to dry his paws, yet a doormat can make it simple to maintain any house clean.

While a mat can’t remove all water and dirt, it can help dry paws and also eliminate extreme debris before your dog gets onto your carpets or tough flooring.

My selection for the best doormat for dogs is the exceptional Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog. It’s an elegant mat that’s offered in three sizes and is very effective at eliminating moisture and other particles. It’s fast to dry and resilient, so it’ll last a long time.

I hope this article has helped you pick the best doormat for dogs. If you have any suggestions or questions, please use the comments form below.


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