The 5 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl (Reviews) in 2022

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If your pooch inhales their food at an alarming rate, a slow feeder is an essential tool. The best slow feeder dog bowl is exceptionally efficient, and not just for canines that eat fast, but all dogs!

Much like in humans, better-chewing foods substantially improve digestion, causing less gas, less bloat decreased regurgitation, chocking, and better intestine health. Also, slow feeder dog bowls are mentally stimulating for your pooch. The mental workout is an essential but much-neglected method to help develop a healthy dog.

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Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Our Top Pick

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

What is the Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

  1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder
  2. Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl
  3. OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
  4. Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish
  5. STARUBY 2 Pack Collapsible Slow Feed Dog Bowl


What Are Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls?

A slow feeding dog bowl is made to do one thing: Stop your pooch from eating too fast. How do the slow feeder dog bowls accomplish that? Well, it’s quite smart– the dish contains raised sections that stop your pet from consuming his food all at once. Without easy accessibility to his diet, your canine may only eat small quantities at a time, prolonging his mealtime. The arrangement of these raised sections differs from bowl to another one. Several have spirals; others have humps.

All said slow feed dog bowls could be found in hundreds of various patterns. While each slow feeder dog bowl may appear different, they all are developed to slow any pet who wolfs down their meal. With that claimed, some models are preferable for some breeds of dogs than others.

How to Choose a Best Slow Feeding Dog Bowl

What type of food do you feed your pooch? A lot of these work well with dry kibble or wet food, but some can be better suited to a specific type of food. What is the size of your pet regarding the bowl? The length of his snout will undoubtedly determine how efficient these bowls are

Think about the following concerning materials when selecting a bowl:

  • Silicone feeders are generally flat or mats feeders, so if your pooch is messy, you need to add a stainless-steel bowl to contain food.
    It is an excellent material for dog bowls, as it is an incredibly secure compound and will not break down how plastic does.
  • Stainless Steel: Pick a bowl that does not have powder coating or loose rubber elements.
      • A lot more resilient,non-porous, not as appealing to chewers, Simple to sterilize, and clean.
      • Some canines don’t like steel bowls, and they can be noisy.
      • Rust-resistant
  • Plastic bowls must be top-quality, durable plastic provided as BPA, phthalate-free. Less costly plastic bowls might leach dangerous chemicals and be more porous. These need to be replaced regularly.

Not all bowl will be right for each dog, and it might be an error and trial procedure to discover the right dish. You wish to make sure that your dog is challenged and slowed by the obstructions in the style of the bowl, however, that his skin is not irritated, your dog is not panting as well hard or growing too disappointed where he either dislikes his food or becomes harmful towards the bowl.

Therefore, I suggest either the stainless steel bowl, a ceramic bowl, or a silicone feeder. Ceramic or plastic dishes might be better if you are looking for durability, and the stainless bowls do not decrease your pooch’s eating.


The 5 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Reviews

1- Outward Hound Fun Feeder

This slow feeding bowl for dogs has excellent features to slow your pooch eating speed by as high as ten times, thus protect against potential bloating.

Outward Hound Fun Feeders can be found in different sizes, colors, and attribute differing obstacle patterns.

You will find a flowery, spiral, and maze styles. It also includes an anti-slip base for stability. Like other Outward Hound bowls, this specific bowl is created with phthalate, PVC, and BPA free materials, making it risk-free for your dog.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about washing the bowls frequently. You can clean them with a dishwasher if you are feeling a bit lazy.

You can additionally feed your pet with wet and solid foods utilizing these bowls. The patterns will also maintain your dog occupied as well as stimulate its brain.


  • Available In Different Sizes and Designs
  • Trusted Brand
  • Slows Eating As Much As ten Times
  • Strong construction
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base


  • Not suitable For Dog’s Short Nosed.


2- Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl

Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl helps to decrease your dog’s fast dinner behavior; it’s an additional point to deprive him of the thing that it likes the most.

Siensync‘s dog bowls for quick eaters provide simply the right level of challenge to get your pooch to slow down with its gobbling tendencies without making it too hard that your dog simply quits trying.

These pet bowls are constructed from the safest materials while ensuring you have obtained the hardest and most resilient food vessel that will last several years.

It is available in one size, but completely capable of holding 2 cups of your pooch’s favorite kibble or canned pet food.

It’s constructed from high-quality ABS that makes it easy to wash either via dishwasher or by hand. It’s a beautiful maze dog bowl for your pooch.


  • Functions with both wet and dry food
  • Safe to enter the dishwasher or freezer
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Only one size
  • Not suitable for flat-faced dogs


3- OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Though this bowl is less of a difficulty than some of the recommended options here, it will still slightly slow down food eating, and it has its advantages.

It is made in the UNITED STATES from heavy-gauge stainless steel, and it is almost indestructible! I love the sturdy rubber base; it functions great and is durable.

Most significantly, a medium dimension holds 5 cups, and a big holds 8 cups! If that’s still not large sufficient for your pooch, I assume you have to start considering buckets in home depot.


  • Silicone ring keeps it from leaking
  • The round plastic dome is not as harsh on the pet’s face
  • Suitable for dry or wet food
  • Easy to sterilize, clean


  • The small size might still be too big for a tiny dog breeds


4- Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish

The Dogit Go Slow bowl is constructed from food-grade plastic and is available in several sizes. Its simple style maintains dogs from obtaining disappointed while still avoiding pets from scarfing down the food.

The Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish is available in an added small size, making it the ideal bowl for small breeds.


  • Rounded protrusions and edges
  • Ideal for dry or wet food
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Higher off the ground
  • Special construction


  • The bowl might be too shallow for sloppy eaters.
  • Can get brittle with time


5- STARUBY 2 Pack Collapsible Slow Feed Dog Bowl

This is a super slow feeder dog bowl for people who like to travel, hike, and camp with their pooches. The dishes can be folded flat to fit under a car seat or a backpack.

It contains a network of valleys and ridges to allow your canine chase for food, slowing his eating speed. The valleys are not too deep to discourage your pet from quitting his food.

Instead, they are relatively shallow to create enough obstacles to your pooch’s gobbling tendency.

It can stand up to 3 cups of dry food as well as is dishwasher-safe.


  • Easy to bring for camping or a journey.
  • 2-pack is convenient, one for water, one for food.
  • Collapsible, can be folded flat.
  • Easy to clean- dishwasher risk-free.


  • Edge is constructed from plastic.
  • Best for smaller to medium-sized canines.


What Type of Dog Needs a Slow Feeding Dog Bowl?

Unless your pooch doesn’t appear to eat sufficiently, there aren’t several dogs that couldn’t utilize a slow feeder dog bowl. A slow feed dog bowl is an excellent suggestion for practically any dog.

That told some sorts of dogs will undoubtedly take advantage of the slow feeding dog bowl more than others.

Slow feeder dog bowls are ideal for pets that:

Are prone to bloat

Bloat is the twisting of a pet’s stomach as a result of eating too fast (or different other factors). This can decrease blood circulation to the heart, establish pressure on other organs, or perhaps tear the stomach. It is possibly fatal, and it’s alarmingly common. Any dog can have bloat, yet it’s particularly common in deep-chested, large dogs like German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Boxers.

Eat so fast that they throw up

Some canines simply can’t get it down quickly enough! For dogs that vomit after eating because of the speed of their gobbling, slowing them down with a slow feeder dog bowl will keep their stomachs from pain. Usually, dogs that throw up from eating too fast vomit since they breathed in a bunch of air along with their food.

Are in training for resource guarding

Work with a trainer whenever you’re attempting to fix your pooch’s resource guarding. A slow feeder dog bowl will offer you more time per dish to work on desensitization and counter-conditioning to modify your pet’s resource guarding.

Steal food at mealtime

Several dog parents will use slow feeding to keep a food thief from stealing from others.

Even if your pooch doesn’t fit into among the above categories, he may take advantage of a slow feeding dog bowl. Since several dogs spend a lot of their day generally doing nothing, adding more enrichment is a good suggestion!


Tips for Using Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Utilizing slow feed dog bowls is usually like any other dog food bowl. Besides, the only difference between both is the existence of obstacles in the surface area of a slow feeding bowl. So, here are some tips to aid you in optimizing your pet’s use of a slow feeder dog bowl.

  • Always pick the most proper slow feeder dog bowl for your dog. Choose a food dish that has the appropriate level of challenge to slow down your dog’s eating while ensuring that it’s not too challenging your dog can give up eating.
  • Utilize a slow feed dog bowl that has the right ability compatible with the amount of dog food that your pooch needs for every meal.
  • Take the dog food bowl from him right after he is done eating and place this on the countertop or wash it immediately.
  • Check out the manufacturer’s suggestions on how to correctly care for your dog dish. Lots of products can be washed in the dishwasher, although some might require to be hand-washed.


Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls – FAQ

How much should I use the slow feeder

As frequently as you can, the psychological challenge and advantage of slower eating is an excellent thing, the only time that your pooch won’t take advantage of being obliged to eat slower is if they are ill.

How do I identify the correct bowl size?

The appropriate dish size is determined out by the number of cups that you are providing to your dog. As an example, if your pooch gets 2 cups of dog food per meal, then you can pick a food bowl size that can hold 2 cups or perhaps 3 cups to minimize spilling the components. You can then inspect the specific capacities of the various food bowl products on the market.

Do slow feeders help with weight problems

By decreasing the rate at which the dog can eat foods, it is revealed they will consume less and feel full for longer and, over the long term, ingest less food. Also, the effort needed to eat from a slow feeder may be considered an additional exercise.



Slow feeder bowls are a fantastic solution to avoid fast eaters from vomiting after eating or from getting bloat. GI problems are relatively common in dogs that ingest their meals too quickly, and the best slow feeder bowl can be a cost-effective way to avoid such medical issues.

Another alternative to slow feed bowls is automated feeders. Automatic feeders could be set up to feed your pooch in smaller amounts more regularly, which can likewise help to prevent in GI trouble in pets.

Even if your canine doesn’t eat too quickly, these can be used to keep your pooch entertained. Another excellent use of slow feeding bowls is making your dog an enjoyable frozen treat in the summer, placed treats in the dish, and some low sodium poultry stock, then freeze it, dogs like these frozen Pupsicles in the summer.


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