Pet Corrector Review – Does This Dog Training Tool Work?

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A pooch’s hearing is Incredible. While the normal adult human cannot listen to sounds that are more than 20,000 Hertz (Hz), dogs can catch sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz. Canines can detect much softer sounds than humans can.

So a sound that is high to a human is much higher to a canine, like an ambulance, car alarm, and blender; This could clarify why high-pitched voices get a dog’s interest more than lower-pitched sounds.

There are also among different reasons why dog parents pick a pet corrector spray to help train their pooches.

Whether it’s needed to stop your dog from running around the house, stop excessive barking, or stop him from jumping on the couch, this may be all the tool you require to correct your dog’s behavior.

Quick look: Pet Corrector Review

Pet Corrector Spray

Pet Corrector review: Read the opinions of other dog parents

What Is The Pet Corrector Spray?

First of all, the Pet Corrector Spray is a product developed by The Company Of Pets, a UK-based company founded by a world-renowned animal psychologist, Dr. Roger Mugford. The company is residence to a range of interesting pet-related inventions, with The Pet Corrector Spray being one of the most popular.

How Does it Work?

The objective of pet corrector spray is to make your pooch quite undesirable activity. For instance, if your dog continues licking water from a toilet bowl, utilize the spray to get your pet’s focus away from the toilet bowl before he can drink. Ultimately, he may connect that noise with the toilet bowl and stop this behavior. Some pet parents choose to add to the spray option by offering a dog a reward to encourage him to stop undesirable actions.

Regrettably, using the pet corrector spray plus a reward may backfire, according to some pet corrector reviews. The main reason is a dog may associate that noise with a treat, and then do that undesired activity in hopes of getting the reward; This is different than something simpler, like providing a dog a treat for staying or sitting or rolling over.

Whether the pet receives the reward or not, these techniques hurt nothing. Yet if the pet corrector spray plus a reward are used to prevent chewing on a dining-room chair, prepare yourself for your hungry pooch to eat on the chair for treats. That is why it’s a much better suggestion to use the pet corrector spray to get rid of an action rather than treating your canine for doing the activity.

Remember, the goal of the tool is to “warn” your pooch to quite something. If used frequently, your dog may understand why this product attracts attention.

Is there a bank near your house whose alarm has always gone off? At first, you might look out of your window the first few times to make sure that the bank is OK. But after that sensitive alarm goes off for the hundredth time, you will stop paying attention and stop looking outside.

Pet corrector spray can be that sensitive bank alarm if used frequently. However, the bank alarm system that rarely goes off certainly has a legitimate reason for waking up the block when it does.

Keep this bank alarm theory in your mind when using it around your pet.

What Can It Be Used For?

Just as you would expect, it’s possible to use the Pet Corrector Spray to stop a wide range of undesirable activities so that it can be helpful in several training situations along with behavior redirection. As an example, you can use it to stop your pooch from chasing, barking, jumping up at people, stealing food, and much more. It can likewise be used to prevent any other unwanted actions, and many other pets will respond to it also, so it’s not only dogs who it might affect.

Using the Pet Corrector is very easy, so all you’ll require to do is press the button on top and allow the sound to come out. There are a few usage best practices, yet these are easy, clear, and indicated in the documentation for the product.

Also, it’s possible to use this product for several training purposes, although it may not always be needed for this purpose when simple positive reinforcement tricks would function just as well on their own. But for some pets, having this spray to obtain their attention can work marvels.

The easy procedure for training your dog with the Pet Corrector is to use the tool to get your pooch’s attention, then give him a verbal command like “Quiet” (if the undesirable behavior was barking), then provide him with a reward to reinforce the control.

Is Pet Corrector safe?

Besides the scare of the noise, there’s no harm done to these beautiful, four-legged friends– no gaseous emission or liquid is coming from that can, and the sound is loud, yet it’s not piercing. The Company of Animals suggests standing a minimum of three feet away from your dog when you use this tool, and also, there are several safety tips on the product’s website.

How to use it properly

The first time you check out Pet Corrector, make sure to be at least three feet away to verify just how sensitive your pooch is to the sound. It is not suggested to use on pups or pointed straight at a pet of any age.

Furthermore, check out all guidelines before the first use. This product must be kept away from sparks, heat, open fires, hot surfaces, and any other ignition source.

The product must never be placed on top of an oven, near a candle, or alongside electric appliances.

And also, although it is a great idea to keep the tool in a snug, bag pocket to prevent it tipping over or bumping into other items if you choose to keep it on you, ensure the safety cap is on and locked in place.

If you decide to maintain the product on tall cabinets or shelves where other pets can reach, be aware of this. It’s ideal kept in secure, safe areas that are locked or have a door that cannot quickly be opened.

Is Pet Corrector worth it?

In scrolling through a few of the more than 2,500 reviews on Amazon, I discovered a whole community of people who like this red can of magic, ” Works great don’t even have to use it get the can and put it in my hand… ” says one customer. ” Great method to train pets.” Another swears, “What a miracle for us. We now have peace in the house”.

The negative Amazon reviews mention that the price is too much for a can of air, and I get that. But for me, it’s the only non-verbal matching of, “DON’T DO THAT” that I’ve discovered successfully. I must also cite how rarely I ought to use it now: At a small inkling of bark or whine, just standing up the spray stop my dog.

What Are Dog Parents Saying?

The feedback is mostly favorable for the product, and its ratings positive reviews from most dog parents who’ve tried it.

A lot of buyers discover that the spray functions as promoted, and it garners a quick response from any pet. Some pooches can be a little scared by it, which deserves keeping in mind if you have a nervous pet. Nevertheless, if you follow the directions and use it moderately to stop undesirable actions, you won’t need to use it very often at all.

There are the occasional canines who have no response to the spray; however, these unperturbed dogs appear to be in the minority, and you won’t know for sure unless you give it a try.

Pet Corrector review: Read the opinions of other dog parents

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