Wellness Core Puppy Food Reviews

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If you’re looking for a new brand of young puppy food, then one prominent name you’re likely to come across is the Wellness Core puppy food product line.

In this guide(Wellness Core Puppy Food Reviews), I am going to highlight some of the crucial features related to Wellness Core puppy food, so you’ll have a better suggestion of whether it’s a brand you’d like to try.

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Wellness CORE Puppy Food


Wellness CORE Puppy Food reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents

Wellness Core Puppy Food Company Overview

Wellness makes a selection of dog foods for all sizes, life stages, and nutritional requirements. They concentrate on natural, simple ingredients that give superb nutrition, offering your pooch a healthy meal.

They use real meat to provide your dog with high-quality protein. Also, Wellness uses fresh fruit and veg to give antioxidants for immune system health, great sources of omega fats for her coat and skin health, and probiotics to maintain her digestion healthy. They stay away from flavors and artificial colors, wheat, corn, and soy, and they do not contain by-products.

Wellness Pet Food was first introduced in 1997 by vets, animal nutrition specialists, and food researchers. They began by producing recipes for dogs and introduced added formulas for cats in 2000. In little time, Wellness Pet Food came to be the leading natural pet food in independent pet specialty retailers.

Who is Wellness?

Wellness is another brand that’s been creating puppy food and dog food with the advice and help of scientists, nutritionists, and vets.

Since the ’90s, they’ve accumulated a seriously vast array of products to make sure that pet parents can pick between foods for puppies and dogs with allergies, skin sensitivities, and even food that’s raw-inspired.

Weight-management is another option that they cover, alongside even dogs and pups who can’t manage any potato.

Wellness returns to the community, and at the national and local levels, as well! The WellPet Foundation, created in 2007, focuses on assisting pups and dogs to have great lives by supporting non-profits.

They aid encourage parents to spay their canines, adopt homeless dogs, and also donate to research so that pets can play a helpful role to the elderly.

Wellness Core Dog food possesses excellent protein profiles across its line of product. It’s a protein giant. It is, therefore, perfect for pets that need extremely higher quantities of proteins for their muscles, endocrine system, immune system, as well as other essential organs to guarantee optimal growth.

Best of all, it uses only meats as the source of its proteins and never fish, chicken, and meat by-products. Additionally, the brand ensures that its animal proteins are correctly called, unlike others that put “fish meal” or “poultry meal” in their labels. There is no informing just what sort of “chicken,” “fish,” or “animal” is included in these pet food products.

The brand additionally eliminates wheat, corn, and soy, as well as other non-essential fillers that are pretty common in other puppy food brands. Not only will you guarantee healthier tummies for your pooch, yet you’ll be providing them a powerhouse of different components that include a lot of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants essential for whole-body health and function.

Whereas other puppy food brands don’t consist of probiotics in their recipes, Wellness Core makes sure that every kibble is covered with these gut-friendly microorganisms for healthier and more effective digestion, in addition to the immune system.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are also included in most of the formulas. A lot of dog food brands add such substances in specialty diets.

Wellness Recalls history

While Wellness Core puppy food is rather popular, particularly among pet parents who are searching for high-quality, all-natural puppy food, it is not without conflicts. There have been circumstances of Wellness dog food recalls in the past. What you ought to recognize is that none of the recalls involved Wellness CORE dog food products.

  • February 2011: There was an extensive recall for 12 sorts of Wellness canned cat foods due to insufficient levels of thiamine.
  • May 2012: Wellness revealed a voluntary recall of its Super 5 Mix Large Breed Puppy Food, which had been made by Diamond Pet Foods. Salmonella had been found in Diamond’s South Carolina facility. Because of this, lots of pet food brands had to recall products.
  • October 2012: The company released a voluntary recall of Wellness Super5 Mix Small Breed Adult Dog Food because of more than regular levels of moisture
  • February 2017: Wellness recalled seven canned cat food products as a result of the potential for foreign material.
  • March 2017: Wellness revealed a voluntary recall of a limited quantity of one canned topper product due to “potential to have elevated degrees of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormone.”

This product recalls did not involve Wellness Core puppy food, yet rather other formulas of WellPet LLC.

Wellness Core Puppy Food Reviews

Wellness CORE Puppy Food


This recipe from Wellness CORE fits active puppies that are walking for more than an hour a day.

It has an extremely high protein content, consisting of the quality deboned hen and a top-protein turkey meal and chicken meal. Poultry fat, salmon oil, and flaxseed provide top-quality fats, making this formula high in omega fats, which is excellent for nourishing your puppy’s skin and maintaining her coat soft and shiny.

This Wellness CORE puppy formula goes all out in the veg and fruit department, including nine antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to sustain your puppy’s developing immune system. And also, there are high quantities of probiotics here to keep your puppy’s digestive system regular.

This recipe is grain-free, so if your pup has shown signs of grain allergies, this Wellness CORE puppy is a great alternative. It is additionally low in carbs, which is perfect, as dogs don’t need a whole lot of these and take advantage of food that focuses more on high proteins and fats.

Key Features:

  • Crude protein: 36%, that’s an incredible amount for a rapidly growing puppy.
  • Crude fiber and moisture: 5% and 10%.
  • Crude fat: 18%, ideal for active puppies that are going to be burning loads of calories.
  • Calories per serving size: 417 per cup.
  • Beta-carotene, DHA, minerals, vitamins, essential fats, prebiotics, probiotics.
  • Best five ingredients in list: real poultry meat and meal, real turkey meal, potatoes, and peas.


  • No by-products from meat, no synthetic ingredients.
  • Poultry plays the starring role, alongside lots of tasty natural spinach, apple, parsley, and also banana for vitamin benefits!
  • Zero artificial colors, and flavors.


  • Some dog parents make a complaint of diarrhea
  • Includes high glycemic potatoes

Wellness CORE Puppy Food reviews: Read the opinions of other dog parents

Wellness Core puppy food gives dog parents with the means to make sure that their pooch will obtain the right nutrition for their development and growth needs.

Wellness Core puppy food is well-balanced and guaranteed to include the right levels of food in a high-protein, grain-free formula. Although a history of product recalls involving other Wellness products, Wellness Core puppy food stays strong.

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