The Best Dog Food for Yorkies (Review) in 2022

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Among the smallest terrier breeds, the Yorkshire Terriers can be 8 to 9 inches at the shoulder and weigh just five to seven pounds. Little as he might be, this little canine has plenty of mettle and energy. So, lots of Yorkies have no trouble holding their ground versus much bigger dogs.

If you have the tolerance for taking care of a Yorkie’s silky, long coat, you’ll appreciate in all the love this small toy breed has to offer. Along with meeting his brushing requirements, nevertheless, you’ll also require to check out his nutritional needs to ensure you’re feeding him the best food for Yorkies to give the top-quality, nutritious diet he should have.

What Is The Best Dog Food for Yorkies?

What to Look for When Shopping for Yorkie Dog Food

Before we can pick the best brand and kind of dog food for your small Yorkie, we’ll require to comprehend a few things about dog food like what it must consist of and what it absolutely shouldn’t.


The protein in your pooch’s food must constantly be of top quality. You always want to try and prevent by-products meals as much as possible. Specialists recommend that wholesome proteins need to be among the first three ingredients.

When you have a pup, you must pick a dog food high in protein to maintain its development and power. When you have an aging canine, they need less protein because their metabolism is decreasing.


When it concerns carbohydrates, components like brown rice, sweet potato, and barley are excellent and nourishing choices. Some dog parents frequently try to prevent corn, gluten, wheat, and grains, as it can be tough on a small breed’s digestive system. These ingredients typically have no nutritional worth to dogs, and their bodies aren’t tailored to processing these grains.


Look for a dog food that contains healthy fats like omega 3 and 6 or words DHA. Omega 3 can be found in the form of flaxseed or fish oil. Fats are essential to your pooch for keeping a healthy, long, and shiny coat. Be sure to avoid elements such as corn syrup and beef fat, which has no nutritional value and are merely low-quality, affordable ingredients.

There are different ways to make the dog food taste great without adding empty calories.

The 5 Best Dog Foods for Yorkies – Reviews

Best Dog Food for Yorkie Puppies

Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Puppy Recipe


Our choice for the best puppy food for your Yorkie puppy is Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Puppy Recipe. This brand of puppy food is suitable for all breeds and available in a range of package sizes.

This puppy food assists to promote healthy food digestion, increased power levels, and healthy coat and skin. It additionally includes a high protein value into every serving, so your Yorkie obtains all of its nutritional requirements met by eating this food.

You’ll also find an excellent level of DHA; this element assists in promoting your pup’s healthy brain growth. All of Merrick’s puppy products are made in an organically certified kitchen.

All of the ingredients in this high-quality pup food are whole foods that Merrick sources from local farmers. It includes 55% chicken or fish proteins and 45% fresh vegetables and made with the top ingredients being:

  • Deboned Chicken
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Poultry Meal
  • Potatoes

Dog parents have tested this puppy food, and they mentioned that they observed an improvement in their Yorkie’s food digestion, and they didn’t seem to have a lot of loose stools. In addition, they noticed their puppy had more power, seemed more desirous to play, and also the kibble was little enough that the pups had no problem eating it.

Best Dog Food for Adult Yorkies

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Dog Food


If you’re focused on the wellness of your Yorkie, this Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is produced with a specific blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients to promote healthy muscle growth. It includes real fruits, meat, and veggies for immune system wellness, and glucosamine for joint flexibility and balance. Moreover, the proteins and carbs provided by deboned poultry are ideal for the energy requirements of the Yorkies.

Best Dog Food for Senior Yorkies

CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food


If you adopt a senior Yorkie, I have a canine food brand that caters just to older dogs. Look for CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food.

As your Yorkie ages, they no more need the number of protein and calories but still require a lot of fiber and fat in their food. Even if the protein matter is reduced, this food includes a top-quality protein, so there are no tradeoffs. This dog food additionally can be found in a wet form in case your older dog has a difficult time chewing.

Best Dog Food for Miniature and Teacup Yorkies

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food


Hill’s Science Diet dog food is available in two various tastes and five different phases so you can keep feeding your teacup or miniature Yorkie the same food throughout their lives. This high-quality formula includes no artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes.

Your pooch will get a healthy and balanced dosage of antioxidants and vitamins E and C  to improve and support your canine’s immune system and to sustain a long, healthy life. The kibble itself is available in smaller pieces so your Yorkie can eat and digest every meal easily.

The ingredients are extremely excellent quality and contain high-quality proteins, chicken meal, carrots, rice, vitamins, whole-grain, minerals, spinach, and antioxidants. This dog food is also made in the USA, and it is held to very high production requirements.

You get the option of many different sizes and optional treats so you can personalize your order to fit your needs. This dog food is additionally the Veterinarians’ # 1 option dog food to feed to their dogs during their lives.

Dog parents that bought this dog food mentioned that they observed an enhancement in their older canine’s behavior and that they appeared to have more energy. They weren’t thrilled about the cost since it is a higher-priced dog food formula.

Best Dog Food for Yorkies with Sensitive Stomachs

Royal Canin Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food


Royal Canin dog food isn’t affordable, yet it is an incredible option if you’re Struggling to find a brand of pet food your Yorkie will not only eat but digest without troubles. Yorkies have very sensitive and small stomachs. All too often, your dog may experience throwing up or diarrhea from a particular dog food brand.

I enjoy breed-specific Royal Canin since they examined Yorkie’s digestive systems and health to create something specifically developed to support them. While you will get the most effective from this food, it’s accompanied by a significant price tag. I recommend checking with your vet to see if your Yorkie requires something this premium quality before buying it.

What Health Issues Should I Be Wary with My Yorkshire Terrier?

Because we’re speaking about nutrition for your Yorkie, let me take a shorter into several of the more usual health problems that affect this breed and how diet can contribute to their management and prevention.

  • Hypoglycemia

This condition is identified by the uncommonly low levels of glucose in the blood, causing decreased energy degrees and lethargy. One way to handle this is by giving your Yorkie with smaller but more regular feedings to ensure that it doesn’t endure unusually crashes in its blood sugar levels.

  • Floating kneecap 

Likewise known as luxating patella or patellar subluxation, this is a knee problem that is very common in little breeds like Yorkshire terriers. In most cases, it has a hereditary origin, although it is not uncommon that trauma can contribute to its growth. Usually, surgery is needed to help correct the issue. In this case, proteins are required for tissue repair.

  • Tracheal collapse 

This problem of the trachea is defined by the incomplete or the weakening development of the cartilage that makes up the rings of the trachea; This is where pet food that includes MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin can aid as these can help enhance the health and performance of cartilage cells.

  • Sensitive stomachs 

Tiny as they are, Yorkies have sensitive stomachs, as well; This is where doggie chow that includes probiotics can aid. Also, avoid giving them hard to digest and also allergenic food can help prevent from getting a hyperactive tummy.

The Best Dog Food for Yorkies – FAQ

Should Yorkies Eat Dry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food?

When searching for dog food, you have to notice that there are two major kinds available: wet and dry dog food. If you are asking yourself which one is better for your Yorkie, then the response is dry food. Because Yorkies have sensitive teeth, therefore, it is better to give them dry food. For comprehensive information, you need to consult your veterinarian.

How Much Should You Feed a Yorkie Puppy?

Feeding amounts for Yorkie pups range ¼ to ½ cup of dry food daily. These small puppies should be eating 3 to 4 times per day after four months old.

Until they attain four months of age, the food needs not to be regulated. This consideration is essential to avoid hypoglycemia, which Yorkies are prone to. When your pooch reaches four months old, a 2-to-3-times a day feeding schedule can be developed.

What food should Yorkies not eat?

Yorkies must not be provided any food that is difficult to absorb or chew like Bones, seeds, Grapes, Chives, Fruits, and Onions. The reason being that Yorkies have a sensitive stomach and teeth, which can get disturbed due to the digestion of the wrong food. Therefore it’s important to read ingredients before providing any canine food to your pooch.

When Should Yorkies Switch from Puppy Food to Dog Food?

At nine to twelve months, your Yorkie can switch to adult food. Your pooch will require 400 calories each day to satisfy their growing nutritional requirements. A recommended 2 to 3 times a day feeding schedule can be established.


Yorkies are a cute breed. They are extremely curious and are full of energy that you need to be in shape yourself to be able to keep up.

Thus, they require canine food that is rich in top-quality fats and proteins that are proportional to their age, their current health conditions, and their activity degrees.

You will also need to look for food that provides sufficient calories to sustain your small dog’s daily activities; This is essential in helping them avoid and manage several of the common health problems they deal with.

Yorkies rely on us to give them the best canine food, and our list of the five best dog food for Yorkies may get you started.

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