The 7 Best High Fiber Dog Food For Anal Gland Problems in 2024

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If you’re trying to find the best high fiber dog food anal gland problems to make the life of your dog more comfortable, you have come to the right place.

Bowel troubles in dogs are relatively usual, and they vary from a sensitive stomach to anal gland issues.

If your dog has chronic anal gland problems, high-fiber dog food might be just what the vet ordered. These dog foods are usually easy to digest, and the extra fiber adds bulk to your pup’s stool so it can move more quickly.

By changing your dog to a high fiber food, you can help eliminate or reduce the requirement to have your dog’s anal glands expressed by the vet.

Keep reading to get more information about your dog’s essentials dietary needs and to get some tips for choosing the best high fiber dog food for anal gland problems in dogs. You’ll also receive our seven choices for the best high fiber food-anal gland problems.

Best high fiber dog food anal gland problems – Our Top Pick

Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula


What Are Anal Gland Problems in Dogs?

Though it’s possibly something you prefer not to think about, your pup has two glands on either side of his anus which produce an odorous liquid.

This liquid helps lubricate his stool to make it pass more easily and contain pheromones utilized to communicate with other pets.

When your dog’s anal glands become inflamed and irritated, It can result in a whole host of problems.

The best food to deal with anal gland issues in dogs is a high-fiber diet. Here are some points to look for in high-fiber dog food for anal gland problems:

  • High in Fiber: Generally speaking, dogs need an optimum of 4% dietary fiber in their nutrition. However, dogs with anal gland problems can sometimes take advantage of a little more of it. Look for dog food with at least 3% fiber and no more than 6%.
  • Quality Ingredients: The quality of your dog’s food matters whatever health problems he has; however, high-quality ingredients are especially essential for dogs with bowel issues. The better the components, the better your pup’s body will digest them, which will cause more efficient, firmer stools that help keep your pooch’s anal glands expressed.
  •  Prebiotics/Probiotics: Probiotic supplements and prebiotic fibers can boost your pet’s digestion and help decrease problems with anal glands. Dried fermentation products are the most common type of probiotics seen in canine food.

Keeping all of these points in mind, you’re now ready to discover how to choose the best high fiber food-anal gland problems.

What are the Best High Fiber Dog Food Anal Gland Problems?

1- Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula
2- Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe
3- Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free
4– Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics Dry Dog Food
5- Nutro Ultra Weight Management
6- Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food
7- Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Why High Fiber Diets Help Dogs with Anal Gland Problems

Dogs need both insoluble and soluble fibers in their nutrition to keep a healthy gastrointestinal balance. Insoluble and soluble fibers work the same in pets as it does in humans.

Soluble Fiber helps keep healthy gut bacteria and supports good health in the large intestine, preventing diarrhea. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to a pet’s bowel movement, which will help in releasing the liquid from the glands.

Without fiber, a canine can not produce firm enough stool to stimulate the anal glands.

How to Choose the Best High Fiber Dog Food for Anal Gland Problems

Since you have a better idea of what to look for in the best high-fiber dog food for anal gland issues, you can better know your pup’s nutritional needs as a whole.

All dogs need a diet balanced in carbs, fat, and protein with minerals and vitamins for nutritional support. Protein gives the building blocks for healthy muscle, fat, the calories required for energy, and carbs, the dietary fiber needed for healthy digestion.

Both fat and protein should preferably come from animal-based sources to ensure good bioavailability and digestibility of nutrients. For instance, a top-quality protein may be deboned salmon or chicken meal, while a healthy fat would be salmon oil or chicken fat. For carbs, digestibility is vital. Some pets can tolerate whole grains, while others fine with grain-free carbs like vegetables, beans, and legumes. Just ensure the total fiber content is between 3% and 6%.

In addition to these basic requirements, good canine food will also add beneficial supplements. Minerals and vitamin supplements help to support nutritional balance, and chelated minerals are the most biologically important source. Veggies and fruits provide nutrients, and some act as prebiotic fibers which interact with probiotic supplements to ensure proper digestion.

Would you please keep reading to see our top 7 recommendations for the best high fiber dog food-anal gland problems?

How Much Fiber Should Regular Dog Foods Have?

Most dry dog foods have a guaranteed analysis of fiber content in between 2% -4%. For canines needing a high fiber diet, find a guaranteed analysis between 4% -6%; over 6% might cause unfavorable reactions.

The Top 7 Best High Fiber Dog Foods for Anal Gland Problems

1- Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula


If you are looking for high-fiber dog food that maintains your dog’s stomach healthy, why not provide your canine Zignature Trout and Salmon.

Key Features

  • Size — 4, 13.5, and 27lbs
  • Crude Fiber Percent– 6%.
  • Safe for All Life Stages– Yes.
  • Grain-Free– Yes.

Zignature is known for using components all harvested in the USA, so you know that all items are of the most excellent quality without questionable ingredients. This brand of dog food focuses on being a favorable option for canines with food sensitivities.

Not just that, but Zignature supports your dog’s whole body. Zignature is packed with fish oil, omega fatty acids, and other nutrients for their coat and skin, so their skin and fur stay healthy and shiny.

Zignature contains one of the higher fiber percents per portion; this means that your pooch’s digestion health will be regulated for regular bathroom uses and have a packed stool.

As gross as that seems, your dog requires the packed stool to push against their anal glands naturally and express them. You will no more have to worry about your canine having anal gland issues as long as you provide them Zignature.


  • It contains essential nutrients every dog needs.
  • Excellent for canines with food allergies.
  • It helps regulate proper bathroom routines.
  • It usually helps in preventing buildup in the anal glands.


  • Kibbles are too large for small breed dogs.
  • Some dog parents have reported that their pooches did not love the taste of the food.

Your canine will certainly like the taste of Zignature Trout and Salmon, and you can be sure that their anal glands and stomachs will be happy too.

2- Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe


Taste of the Wild Grain-Free dog food provides real meat and exclusive probiotics that are highly absorbable and grow in the GI tract for overall digestive health.

Key Features

  • Why I recommend it– It’s rich with nutrients that keep a healthy digestive system and help maintain anal glands naturally clean.
  • Size– 5, 14, 28-pound bags
  • Warranty– Yes
  • Flavor – Roasted bison and venison

This natural dog food includes real roasted bison as the main ingredient. Other healthy components include vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables. The combined ingredients also add an optimal amino acid profile and are high in protein for lean, strong muscle.

The exclusive probiotics survive in the GI tract and enable nutrient-rich dog food to be easily digested. This dog food does not include wheat, fillers, grain, or corn which are common culprits for clogging anal glands.


  • Real meat as the main ingredient
  • Maintains a healthy digestive system
  • Rich in protein
  • The optimal amino acid profile
  • Includes probiotics
  • Supports lean muscles
  • Easy to digest


Overall, this is a great dog food that maintains the digestive system and helps prevent anal gland issues.

3- Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free


Blue Buffalo Wilderness places your dog’s health requirements first to ensure that their bodies work as naturally as possible.

Key Features

  • Size —4.5lb, 24lb
  • Grain-Free—Yes
  • Safe For All Life Stages—No, only adult
  • Crude Fiber —10%

If a regular canine food isn’t rich enough in fiber for your dog, try this Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Healthy Weight Formula.

This formula includes protein-rich chicken and chicken meal as the first ingredients to help build lean muscle with 10% dietary fiber for digestion.

It contains dried fermentation products for probiotic support and grain-free carbs for easy digestibility. It is high in omega-3 fats for a healthy coat and skin and abundant natural flavor.


  • Real meat is the main ingredient.
  • Great for all breeds.
  • It gives a diet close to what their wild relatives eat.
  • Created with fewer calories for better weight control.


  • Some dog parents have reported canines to become allergic to the food, perhaps due to the protein.
  • It has the capacity of being too rich for some dogs and causing them to use the bathroom more often.

Often dogs require a little help when it comes to maintaining their bodies regulated for one reason or another. If you buy top-quality food like Blue Buffalo Wilderness, you will be taking the excellent step in ensuring your canine has his proper body functions.

4- Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics Dry Dog Food


Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded blend with probiotics is a high-fiber adult dry dog food that supports digestive health.

Key Features

  • Why I recommend it– It’s a complete and balanced food that helps prevent anal gland issues and supports digestive health.
  • Size– 6, 18, 35, and 47 pound bags.
  • Warranty– Yes.
  • Flavor– rice and lamb.

This dog food is fortified with live probiotics for digestive health and features natural lamb as the first ingredient. It supports the overall function of the GI tract and is easy to digest.

This tasty food has bite-size kibble that is easy to eat and digest. It includes a good source of carbohydrates which is advantageous for energetic and playful dogs.


  • Use real lamb meat as the first ingredient.
  • It includes high-quality protein.
  • It contains healthy carbohydrates to satisfy energy needs.
  • Fortified with live probiotics.
  • It supports digestive health.


  • Portion size differs.
  • The dog food bag arrives in a huge box.
  • Some pets don’t like the taste of the food.

Generally, this is an outstanding high fiber dog food that is easy to absorb, maintains a healthy digestion system, and helps prevent anal gland problems.

5- Nutro Ultra Weight Management


Ensure that your canine stays in form and keep their anal glands in optimal condition by feeding them the Nutro Ultra Weight Management.

Key Features

  • Size — 15lbs.
  • Safe for All Life Stages– No, only adults.
  • Crude fiber — 10%.
  • Grain Free– No.

Weight management dog foods might seem unfair to dogs, at the least portion-wise, but they are among the better foods to provide dogs, particularly if they have anal gland problems. The combination of high fiber and rich protein helps your pet feel full quicker while decreasing overall food consumption and ensuring your pooch has regular bowel movements.

The better the bowel movements, the more force will be put on your dog’s anal glands, hence expressing the anal glands naturally without you having to get involved. And truthfully, needing to express the anal glands manually can be a disgusting thing to do.

With this high fiber formula and optimal levels of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your canine may not know why their bodies suddenly feel different; however, you will understand why and be proud of it.


  • Limited ingredient recipe.
  • It contains the excellent mix dogs need to have healthy bodies.
  • It is created from natural ingredients.


  • Some dog parents have reported that their canines did not enjoy the flavor of the food, so it may not be ideal for picky eaters.

If your pet has problems with their anal glands, they will need a diet that can help them naturally ease their issues, like the Nutro Ultra Weight Management.

6- Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food


Blue Buffalo Life Protection natural dog food has a variety of natural ingredients that maintain digestive health and help prevent anal gland issues in dogs.

Key Features

  • Why I recommend it — It has high-quality ingredients from natural sources that offer well-balanced nutrition that supports digestive health.
  • Size– 6, 15, and 30 pounds
  • Warranty– Yes
  • Flavor– chicken, lamb, or fish and brown rice

This natural canine food has high-quality protein from real chicken that helps your dog build and maintain healthy muscular. Other components include Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, fruit, garden vegetables, a precise blend of antioxidants, and essential micronutrients.

Animal nutritional experts and holistic vets pick the precise blend of ingredients for better digestive health and a healthy immune system.


  • Features real meat as the first ingredient
  • Recommended by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists
  • Includes carbs to satisfy the energy needs of dogs in all life phases
  • Builds and maintains muscle
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial chemicals


  • Offering size varies
  • Some canines like the taste of one Blue Buffalo flavor over the other

Generally, this is a good dog food that supports a healthy digestive system!

7- Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


Wellness Core Natural grain-free dog food includes high protein nutrition and natural ingredients for easy digestion.

Key Features

  • Why we recommend it– It’s grain-free and has all-natural ingredients that support your canine’s digestive system and help prevent anal gland problems.
  • Size– 4, 12, and 26-pound bags.
  • Warranty– Yes.
  • Flavor– chicken and Turkey recipe.

This healthy dry dog food is a balanced and complete diet; it has chicken, turkey, minerals, vitamins, and garden veggies required to support a healthy digestive system.

This product is made in the USA with natural ingredients. It doesn’t add corn, wheat, soy, or byproducts. It’s an excellent choice for dogs that deal with food allergies because the common allergens are removed from the ingredients.


  • Natural ingredients.
  • It supports a robust immune system
  • It helps maintain and build strong muscles.
  • Grain-free.
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No artificial flavors


  • Offering size varies.
  • Some dogs do not enjoy the taste of the food.

Generally, Wellness Core Natural grain-free dog food is an excellent all-natural dog food that maintains a healthy digestive system and helps prevent anal gland problems.

Final Thoughts

You may not even know that your dog is having anal gland problems until they become so inflamed your canine is uncomfortable. If you see your dog scooting across the floor constantly, having swelling in the area, sitting uncomfortably, or licking their rear frequently, they may be suffering from anal gland problems.

Fortunately, you can do something to prevent anal gland problems with your pooch, and it’s simple! Feed your dog high-fiber food that is nutritious and gives a complete and balanced meal every time!

A healthy digestive system that lets your canine have regular bowel movements is required for anal gland health. When dogs usually have bowel movements, the anal glands squeeze the fluid along with the stools, and it releases.

Would you please take what you’ve read here to begin shopping or try among our top 7 choices for the best high fiber dog food-anal gland problems reviewed above?

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