7 Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

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When you first choose to add a dog to your family, you can feel all kinds of exciting emotions. Frequently, the excitement of getting the best puppy can make you forget that taking responsibility for a dog means more than just getting slobbery kisses every morning.

Canines have all kinds of requirements beyond getting a dog and getting fed. And, if you’re not careful, you can create harmful behaviors that will make life more challenging for both you and your new puppy.

With the help of a little research and a lot of discipline, you can surely avoid a lot of the mistakes new dog owners make.

Remember, every pup will have a particular set of needs, but if you follow these general guidelines, you’ll set you and your dog up for years of playful happiness.

Getting a Dog Before You’re Ready(or Obtaining a Dog Too Quickly)

Before adopting a dog, you should ask yourself this question first. Are you ready to be a pet parent? A dog is a huge obligation and usually a 10-15 year engagement.

This responsibility is emotional, time-consuming, and financial. But dog parents everywhere admit it’s all worth it. Are you truly ready? It’s essential that you are confident and prepared before bringing a dog into your life; This implies adjusting your lifestyle, asking other people in your family, and making a budget.

Don’t be pressured by the excitement to have that cute dog in the shelter or pet shop. With the internet, connect with dog parents you know or consulting professionals for some helpful information about various dog breeds; This teaches you what to expect in your new puppy.

If you are trying to find particular dog characteristics, such as easy-to-train, less active, a friendly canine, you may try looking for the breed within different breeds groups. Furthermore, you may be looking for a dog that loves going along with people; or otherwise, probably you may want to have a pooch that is inside sporting, non-sporting, herding groups, and so on. Besides the breed characteristics of the puppy, look out for other crucial elements like the character, health, and social character right before bringing him home.

Dismissing Obedience Training and Socialization

As essential as teaching them rules and set limits, it’s equally important to hire a trainer. Both you and your puppy have lots to learn about proper etiquette and communication.

A specialist who knows the most efficient methods and techniques to train the basics to you and your dog can help you establish a good base for future training. A trainer can likewise show you the best ways to reward and train your puppy so you do not fall into the trap of being excessive about either.

Also, most trainers include fundamental lessons about how to Leash train your dog while also teaching efficient methods to communicate your expectations to your puppy.

I recommend Doggy Dan, the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a robust online training program for dog owners. He has years of knowledge dealing with every type of behavioral dog issue and has operated with all breeds and ages of dogs.

Just because you adopt a Chihuahuas does not imply she will like everyone and every canine she comes in contact with. New dog parents often consider that dogs are just friendly by nature, so they do not give much attention to socializing their dogs.

Socialization enables a dog to get used to things in the environment, such as other adults, kids, other pets, and various conditions. Without proper socializing, canines can develop phobias and anxieties. Even worse, the absence of socializing can lead to a variety of habits problems. Socializing is not just for puppies. You can socialize your adult dog, also!

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Avoiding the Veterinarian (or Don’t Ignore Your Vet’s Advice)

Are you among those people who wait until your canine is sick to visit the veterinarian? Well, you’re not alone. Many dog parents put off or skip regular veterinarian visits unless something is happening with their dogs. You may believe, “my canine is healthy and feeling good; why ​should I stress him out with a veterinarian visit?” Dog parents often want to avoid the inconvenience and cost of a veterinarian visit.

This is not the most effective way to treat your pet. Your vet is a vital part of keeping your dog healthy.

Most canines will hide illness until it becomes unbearable. Regular health examinations can allow vets to identify small health problems before they become big issues. These veterinarian visits also help support the relationship your dog, and you have with your veterinarian, making it easier to identify and treat disease when it comes along. In addition to routine wellness exams, you ought to listen to your vet’s advice about things like heartworm prevention.

When your canine shows symptoms that something is wrong, please don’t wait for it to worsen. Ask your vet for recommendations before it becomes unbearable.

You can get a second or third opinion if your vet’s suggestion doesn’t jive with you. But completely neglecting the opinions and perspectives of animal specialists or thinking you can Google any problem that may come up with your pooch is a formula for failure.

Your veterinarian has years of research, training, and knowledge on their side. So if they suggest that your dog come in and get checked out because of a problem or make certain recommendations about what kind of vaccines, it’s probably best to listen to them.

Don’t Let Them Get Shaggy ( Groom and Bathe Regularly)

Regularly grooming and brushing your canine not only makes them feel good but also helps keep them happy and healthy. Giving your regular puppy baths can avoid skin and hair problems that can crop up from neglecting it.

It also allows you to properly see any ticks, fleas, or other undesirable bugs riding on your dog. And also, when the weather changes(particularly as it becomes hotter), you’ll need to ensure your dog is comfortable in his coat and not carrying around a needlessly heavy coat.

Though there’s a lot you can do to keep your dog’s skin and coat in good condition, getting it taken care of by a professional. They may not be happy to see you leave them with an unfamiliar person, but they will feel happier and lighter when you return.

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Not exercising your dog enough

Dogs are very energetic, and typically, their power is physical. Newbie dog parents usually neglect that they are responsible for engaging their pets physically to get their dog to release their naturally stored energy.

If dogs are kept inactive and tired, they usually end up with physical, emotional, and behavioral problems, such as anxiety, depression, obesity, or else.

Other essential regular things pooches need to do to function normally include engaging in games and activities that help them in releasing their overwhelming energy. Consequently, try to keep your canine engaged in physical activities.

While this may differ across canines, the typical advice is to keep your pet busy for at least 20 minutes of physical activity twice a day.

No House Rules

Usually, we get a dog, unhook the leash, and set him “free” without knowing what we want him to do or not to do. Then when he begins doing things we determine are bad, we punish him for not reading our minds.

Sometimes we enable him to do something for a few weeks and then change the rules and choose we don’t want him to do it anymore; This generates confusion and sets the canine up for failure, not success.

Before you get a new puppy, sit down with family members and determine what the canine will and will not be allowed to do.

Decide where the dog will sleep if he can be on the furniture when he will be trained, walked, fed, and by whom. Establishing the rules and ensuring everyone follows them is a big key to success.

Don’t Forget They Cost Money(Budget and Consider Insurance)

The last thing you want to do is get a dog, fall in love with him, train him, and then have something occur or discover a chronic problem that you can’t afford to deal with. Or, you don’t want to have to choose between paying your rent next month and getting your canine checked out.

Fortunately, many affordable alternatives can help keep you from unthinkable decisions or unbearable financial difficulty. Many major insurance companies give dog insurance options, plus most vet clinics and hospitals may provide payment plans and other tiered insurance options.

Don’t put your dog or yourself in a precarious situation– be gotten ready for anything so you can rest easy with your new companion by your side.

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